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With permission from G & T:

"I’m G and my husband is T and this is our first time on the site. I lost a bet to T with the super bowl and had to pay up. I had no problems sending in pictures but he wanted everyone to hear me cum too. Like many I guess I hate the sound of my own voice on tape but I did make the bet and so had to go through with it. I had to get undressed first and have T feel me up and was wet in seconds knowing I was about to click ‘record’. Even though halfway through I say I am wet it started way before and all the things I described were actually going on as I didn’t know what else to say. I was nervous about it but so so turned on too and my orgasm was quick and intense. When we listened to it afterwards I was so embarrassed. I sounded like a porn actress and wanted to delete the recording but T kept my finger off the delete button. I hope you all don’t think it’s too cheesy."

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